Executive Team
Mark Turkel, CEO and Senior Software Architect
Palm Beach Software President - Mark Turkel
Mark Turkel
President and Senior Software Architect

Mark Turkel has been developing software since 1983, with a great history of successful applications and projects using web, desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms including .Net/SQL Server, Java (Android), Objective C/Swift (iPhone/iPad), and Windows (Surface). In college Mark was studying electrical engineering, and his first computer programs were written to assist him with problem-solving in his field of study - using BASIC on a Commodore 64. From there, Mark was hired by one of the leading database development languages (DataFlex) at the time, and worked his way up from a manual labor position in the warehouse, to technical support, to research and development prior to starting his own company in 1997.

Mark is currently the CEO and Senior Software Architect here at Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. He is still very involved in the Scope and Analysis stages in our software development projects that directly influences all aspects of software development and our ability to execute quickly and professionally as a team. With 20+ years hands on experience, Mark has worked with many different types of code, from Microsoft .Net Technologies: ASP.Net, VB.net, C#, Silverlight, MVC, SQL Server, iOS/Objective C, and Android (Java).

Our CEO, Mark Turkel says, “We have a wonderful history of successful projects, and enjoy watching our clients succeed.” Even though we are a growing company, Mark takes a personal interest in each and every client.

James Wright, CTO and Senior Software Architect
Palm Beach Software Vice President - James Wright
James Wright
Vice President and Senior Software Architect

James has been a major force here at PBSD since his first day on the job some 10+ years ago. Outstanding database and analytical skills, strong large database experience, and an uncanny knowledge of .Net software development are just some highlights of his excellent abilities.

The development team ultimately reports to James. James plays a key role in scope and requirements technical documentation, database design and management, decides what technology a new project will incorporate, and has a great track record of combining the latest leading-edge technology with great ideas. Some of his achievements include the Document Imaging and Optical Recognition project for Lear corporation, and his creation of JobTimeClock.net, just to name a few. Take a look through our portfolio, and you'll see fine examples of the works of James Wright!


James is a trusted partner in Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. and we are proud to have him here.